Track Santa with Google Santa Tracker

Game Description

Track Santa with Google Santa Tracker

Where is Santa Claus

Track Santa every Christmas Eve with Google Santa Tracker. Santa Claus and his Elves have teamed up with the good people from Google. Creating the Google Santa Tracker! Follow Santa Claus on Christmas Eve as he travels around the world. Watch as he gives gifts to all the good children around the Globe! If you are looking to know where Santa Claus is now? Why not check out the Google Santa Tracker!

Track Santa!

You will be amazed and surprised how fast Santa makes his journey. Quick Children! Get ready for bed! Santa is making his way to YOUR house! Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Track Santa Instructions:

The Google Santa Tracker is only available every Christmas Eve. Follow the on page instructions to see where Santa Claus is now!

Letter To Santa

Why not Send Santa a message this Christmas Eve with our Letter To Santa! Remember to like us on FACEBOOK!