Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa

Christmas Letter To Santa Claus

Send your Christmas letter direct to Santa Claus at the North Pole Mailroom and receive a reply from Santa. Santa love’s to receive letters from all the good children around the world and he loves to read every single letter and email. Santa always writes back!

Send your Letter to Santa

Tell Santa what you would like to receive for Christmas and Santa will do his very best to bring what you wish. Remember, Santa can’t always bring everything but he will do his very best!


Santa doesn’t need to know where you live or your phone number, he already know’s. Remember, it’s important to keep personal information private on the internet.

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Did You Know?

Every year Santa’s Mailroom receives millions of letters to Santa from children all around the world. Santa’s Elves work tirelessly night and day in the days and weeks before Christmas to ensure every letter to Santa is read by Santa Claus. The North Pole buzzes with activity with large mail bags arriving every hour of the day, not just one bag of mail an hour but dozens.

You can rest assured the Elves at the North Pole Mailroom can handle the large volume of mail received and Santa works his magic to carefully read and study each and every letter.


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